This year has been full of big changes in my life.

In June, I gave birth to my third son and a few days later when I got home again to my family and settling in with my little one I had a meeting with my business partner where we finally split up and went our separate ways.

We had an accounting firm together and we were quite successful. But only a short time after we opened shop in May 2016 I got pregnant. When I realized this in November I was afraid to tell her. I knew this wasn’t her idea of being professional.

Anyhow, we concluded after many meetings that I wouldn’t be able to work as much as I needed to actually get an income from our business.

And after I got home with my little one from the hospital I could only concur.

The little time I had for myself (when the baby slept or could sit happily in his baby sitter for a while) I would be running around the house making sure that the laundry was being done, the floors were decluttered from toys you could easily trip on (I actually fractured my foot tripping over a shoe in the hallway while pregnant and carrying my second child on my hip) and cleaning up the kitchen. And much much more.

There are times I realize I haven’t sat down for like four hours, just running around doing stuff all the time. So having a business where people could be calling or e-mailing you demanding answers right away at any time wasn’t really ideal for me.

But I couldn’t stay away from creating something of my own. My fingers were itching for the creation and exploring something new.

Along came My Big Yellow House.

My desire to learn new things and passion for being able to work from home got me to quickly learn the basics about blogging and I read a lot of other bloggers’ guides and tutorials about creating an awesome blog.

I could work when I did have a little time for myself, like in the evenings when all three of them slept. And I could take pictures during the day when my older boys were at kindergarten.

I have so many ideas of topics I want to explore and share with you. Everything from Mom Hacks and DIY to Parenting Tips and Mom Beauty Tips.

If there is something you would want me to write about, please write it in the comment box below.

Decluttering my life

While I was pregnant I felt an overpowering urge to nest. This happened with all my pregnancies. My home was suddenly the main focus of my life. I scrutinized it from top to toe and the amount of stuff I had amassed over the years came into light and bugged the heck out of me.

My sister who also has three boys had talked to me about minimalism before and I thought it sounded boring, stale, lifeless and couldn’t be applied to families with more than one child. So I had forgotten about it until I came across Marie Kondo on Pinterest. This changed my life!

I read everything about her method and saw endless before and after pictures of people’s homes. There were actually people with more stuff than me who pulled this off.

I ordered her book and read it all in just two days (that’s impressing considering my limited time) and started to visualize how my home could look and feel without all the clutter and mishmash.

The visions I had were enough to make me want to jump the gun right away. However, I had just given birth and my other two kids were home from kindergarten for four weeks. This wasn’t really the perfect time to start a deep cleansing of our home.

As soon as the kids went back to kindergarten I immediately ripped out all of my clothes on the bed and thought that this was going to be easy. I didn’t have that many clothes anyway and that an hour or two would be sufficient time… boy was I wrong.

I had no idea where to start.

I just kept starring at this huge pile of clothes on my bed. I tried to pick something up but quickly dropped it because it was too hard to decide then and there. I panicked a little I admit. My baby was laying on the bed looking at me and probably wondering what on earth I was doing.

Finally, I decided to start by picking up the clothes that I knew beforehand that I would get rid of. Just to get some momentum going. And just when things started to work I had to pick up the kids.

That night I actually slept on the covers on a tiny free space surrounded by clothes. And I am ashamed to admit that I slept that way for over a week until I had finally sorted out my clothes and got them back in the rearranged wardrobe again.

The result was two overfull garbage bags of clothes that I will give away to charity. I thought about selling some but that takes up a whole lot of time and I have had bad experiences trying to sell clothes on our version of eBay, Tradera.

But now I have space in my wardrobe and I can see every piece of clothing I own. It’s absolutely wonderful! I can finally find my own style and not having to feel obliged to accept all the clothes that well-meaning people give to me.

Over the years I have been given a lot of hand me down clothes from family and even though I didn’t really like them I smiled and accepted them just because they were kind enough to give them to me and how could I be so ungrateful as to say no? So my wardrobe was full of someone else’s choices and style. Where was my style?

With the physical decluttering came a mental decluttering as well.

I have always bought things on sale, whether I wanted or needed it. It was a bargain and I just had to have it.

Now I can see that if I just slow down and don’t rush to make a decision I find that maybe I don’t actually need three pairs of ill-fitting pants in the wrong colors.

What I do need and want maybe just one pair of a higher quality and that actually suits me. The price might just be the same but my thinking before was that I got more money’s worth if I bought as much as possible for the same amount. Quantity over quality.

I never gave myself anything of high quality. I thought it was a waste because it eventually always ended up dirty or ripped or pink from the new red t-shirt in the laundry etc. etc. So what was the point in giving yourself something nice?

That way of thinking is detrimental in all areas of your life. For many years, almost as long as I can remember, I have always thought that I wasn’t really worth the finer things in life. Regardless of what it might be. I settled with what I got. Whatever it was.

But since I started on this journey of decluttering my home, I can really feel the magic Marie is talking about. She says that by removing unwanted things from your home you are clearing up space for something new and exciting.

Living the Law of Attraction

I am a huge fan of The Secret and everything about the Law of Attraction and Rhonda Byrnes says for example in one of her books that if you want to meet someone you have to take certain actionable steps to make that happen. If you sleep in the middle of the bed there is no room for your partner to be, if you have filled up all of the wardrobes with clothes, then your partner to be has nowhere to put his or her clothes. The same goes for your car, if you have a double garage, park your car to one side so that your partner to be can park next to you.

I am so excited to see what comes out of this journey of decluttering. I am sure that only good things will come.

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