Law Of Attraction – My Story So Far

Law Of Attraction – My Story So Far

The Law of Attraction.

Maybe you have heard about “The Secret”, LOA, and synchronicity. Maybe you have mastered the techniques in manifesting what you want in life or maybe you are still struggling to get the results you want.

I came across “The Secret” back in 2007 by chance. I downloaded the movie, watched it and my life has literally never been the same since.

I’m not saying that I can snap my fingers and all the things I want magically appears out of thin air, but as I’m writing this and going through the list of what I have manifested into existence, it sure seems truly magical to me.

A list of things, people, events, and circumstances that I so far have manifested:

  • I won a brand new car of my choosing after being a member of a lottery subscription for just two months.
  • That same lottery also gave me a camera, a vase, a steam cleaner, and a bunch of other smaller stuff.
  • I got a free trip to Rome. I was reading Dan Brown’s “Angels & Demons” when I got the offer out of the blue.
  • I visualized and felt like the home I am living in now was already mine before I even got the lease offer on it.
  • I did the same thing with my first apartment. In those days, 2005, I did a Wiccan light spell 😉
  • I believe I have manifested all of my children by “acting” pregnant even before I was.
  • My man. As different as we may be, we complete each other and we have grown so much closer through the years.

Things I’m still waiting to manifest or haven’t been able to get into the right frequency with are:

  • A Big Yellow House. Or a house of any color, big enough for our large family.
  • A daughter. I have four wonderful boys and I would love to have a daughter to add to our crazy, loving family.
  • My dream job. I want to become a web developer or something with robotics. But I’m studying right now so I’m on my way there.
  • Becoming debt-free. We are a long way from being completely debt-free but I know we will get there.

I’m trying to live every day with the purpose of finding joy and happiness in everything around me and remembering that my emotions determine my future.

Thank you universe for giving me all the experiences I have had and will have. Thank you for all the people in my life. Thank you for all the things I have learned and still have to learn. Thank you for all the opportunities and circumstances in my life.

Thank you!!

Thank you for existing in my little galaxy!

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