Fruit flies. We’ve all been there.

The summer time is by far the loveliest season. You can just open your front door early in the morning and let your kids roam around outside and play all day long in just their nappies or in their birthday suit.

But along with the summer heat another side of the season shows up to ruin your good mood. The pesky fruit flies. Buzzing silently around your bananas and your kids’ half-eaten apples they left on the sofa when they decided to run outside and play with their bikes instead.

I have tried many remedies to get rid of fruit flies from my home but as it often is, the simplest methods are almost always the best.

This is what I do to get rid of the pesky fruit flies once and for all.

1. The Apple Cider Vinegar Remedy 

1 cup or glass or bowl
1/2 dl (1,7 oz.) Apple Cider Vinegar
A drop or two of Washing-up liquid

The Apple Cider Vinegar Remedy for Fruit Flies

The vinegar attracts the flies through its sweet and fruity scent and the washing-up liquid removes the water’s surface tension so they sink to the bottom and stay there.


2. Fly Trap with Juice

This one is just as easy. You just need:

A tall glass jar
Yellow juice
Liquid soap

Pour the juice in the jar, add a few drops of soap and make a cone of the paper with the pointy side down in to the jar without it touching the juice.

The Fly Trap Remedy for Fruit Flies

image source

The flies are attracted to the color of the juice, fly in to drink and gets trapped when they can’t find a way out. The soap also removes the water’s surface tension so that they drown.


3. The Red Wine Remedy

You are going to need:

A glass
Red wine or red cooking wine
Liquid soap or washing-up liquid

Pour the wine in the glass and add a few drops of soap or washing-up liquid.

The Red Wine Remedy for Fruit Flies
The flies love the sweet scent and flies right in to take a sip only to drown because of the lack of surface tension on the water, removed by the soap.


4. The Yellow Tape Fly Trap

This one is really easy:

Yellow tape


The Yellow Tape Remedy for Fruit Flies

image source

The flies are drawn to the pretty color of the tape and thus get stuck there. Silly little flies.


5. The Cleaning Remedy

However, you can use all of these remedies over and over and never get any results if your kitchen counters are dirty or you have food scraps in the garbage can for too long.

The Cleaning Remedy for Fruit Flies

Before you do any of these methods you should always give your kitchen a good cleaning up. Take out the trash, wipe the counters and in the evening pour boiling hot water down the drain and then add some liquid soap. This prevents the flies from laying eggs in your drains, yuck.

Result: No more flies flying around your kitchen annoying everyone.

Happy times!


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